Drug Rehab

Despite having a lower percentage of illicit drug use compared to the national average, Pennsylvania has a higher rate of drug-induced deaths, which outnumber the fatalities caused by automobile accidents as well as firearms. Clearly there is still a great concern about finding drug rehabs that work for people from Pennsylvania.

One of the reasons for the high number of fatalities is because a large percentage of drug abusers in Pennsylvania are hooked on heroin and prescription narcotics. Opiates slow down bodily functions and overdoses from these drugs are more prevalent compared to other drugs.

Additional substances cites as the primary cause for treatment include cocaine and marijuana, although other prescription drugs have seen an increase as well, such as sedatives and tranquilizers.

People in Pennsylvania searching for a drug rehab program are faced with several options regarding cost, setting, length of time, location and methods of rehabilitation used. Treatment programs vary throughout the state and there is always the option of going outside of Pennsylvania for a more suitable program.

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